CCCYs Help You Get a Green Card Quickly

CCCYs Help You Get a Green Card Quickly

Let's face it, when immigration is becoming increasingly tough. The suggestion by the President for a card reform bill that is controversial leaves a whole lot of uncertainty for chen immigrants.

It's great news that there are five new CCCYs (certified advisors) now who can help you get a green card fast! Here's why the H-1B Program's acceptance is such a big deal. We'll explain this in a bit.

To be quite clear, the H-1B Visa allows foreign nationals to visit the United States to work at an American firm and will let you live and work here if you qualify. As soon as you qualify, you get and then you need to renew it for another five years after that.

There are many people in the U.S. currently who'd like to work but are stuck in the procedure because of the overly complicated and expensive H-1B procedure. Thanks to the five new CCCYs who can help you with the application process, you can get the green card process underway .

Every decision in life has its down sides. When it comes to immigration, one of the downsides is getting stuck in the lengthy and complicated application procedure. However, it's a big mistake to allow on the application process drag.

Scientists and engineers and many professionals who wish to immigrate to the United States could benefit from the H-1B program. You'll have the ability to take advantage of those benefits and win big by learning about the new five CCCYs.

In regards to the labour market, the Chinese are a force that is huge. In reality, nationals perform nearly 30 percent of IT employment.

The H-1B program is supposed to promote and protect jobs. The system is being abused by china and workers are being harmed by it. It has become difficult eb 2 national interest waiver for American businesses to keep up with the growth in the market, which is competitive.

The problem is that it takes time for the American government to approve these programs. So, even though we have excellent public education systems and policies, the regulations regarding H-1B are so tough to navigate, that many foreign nationals would prefer to attempt to immigrate to the usa and get their green card program approved by outsourcing it to someone in the wegreened United States. It's a problem.

They include more than one family member in their application, when folks try to immigrate. But, these provisions create a likelihood of having to wait before they can apply and then overstaying.

The average time it takes to get a green card is two years. For those seeking to immigrate into the United States, it is better to get five CCCYs and get their program.

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